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About me, by others.

I got my ad comrades to rate and write me a review because writing about yourself can be an awkward ordeal. Plus, it's only normal to check out other people's experiences before clicking the checkout button. Right?


The smiley one!

Joao Flores, Chief Creative Officer


Such a good steal, will hire her again and again!

Alicia Goh, Group Head


Very fast and prompt delivery. Service is top notch and the quality of product is good. Malays we call this barang baik.

Huzaima Mahrom, Senior Copywriter


Finally, a writer with a sense of humour.

Ika Shazzani, Project Executive


Love-hate work relationship but in a good way. Great asset to any team.

ND Chua, Art Director


10/10 my favourite copywriter!

Ashley Gn, Senior Account Executive


"I enjoy working with my biatch."

Karen Chua, Creative Services Manager


"Good writer. Good friend. Good laughs. Hire for a good time."

Vanessa Han, Copywriter

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